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Non-pornographic doujinshi, no nudity.
Only softcore nudity is permitted.
Mild adult content, cute/romantic stories.
Futunari, BDSM, tentacles, NTR, mind-break, monster girls.
Contains two or more women, no men.
Boys' Love, male sexual relationships (bara included).
This does not fit into any other categories.

Tag Types

AuthorsDoujinshi authors.Takuji
CirclesDoujinshi circles.Number2
CollectionsA set of closely related doujinshi.Secret Flowers
ContentContent in the doujinshi.Anal, Harem, Netorare
EventsEvents at which doujinshi are published.C82, SC53
MagazinesMagazines in which a particular portion of manga/doujinshi appeared.Comic Mujin
ParodiesAny existing anime, manga, video games, novels that a doujinshi is based on.Sword Art Online
TanksSee TankobonHarem Time
ScanlatorsScanlator groups for doujinshi.The Lusty Lady Project


  1. Do not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to, anything that violates local or United States law. This will be strictly enforced and violators will be severely punished.
  2. If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view materials contained on this website, discontinue browsing immediately.
  3. The quality of uploads is extremely important. Images should be at least 800 by 1200 pixels and preferrably in PNG format.
  4. Submitting false reports or otherwise abusing the report system will result in a ban of indeterminate length. Posting a comment stating that you've reported is not allowed. Please do not announce your reports.
  5. No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam filters.
  6. The use of scrapers, bots or other automated uploading/downloading scripts are prohibited. Users may not upload or post comments from proxies or Tor exit nodes.
  7. Remember: The use of Fufufuu is a privileges, not a right. The Fufufuu staff reserves the right to revoke access and remove content for any reason without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fufufuu?

fufufuu.net is a manga and doujinshi reader. Think of fakku.net, g.e-hentai.org or pururin.com as examples.

Where did the name Fufufuu come from?

See http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fufufu.

A Japanese term for (often evil) laughter. It is often used in manga or manga-styled scenes in anime when someone is deviously plotting something. It is mostly humorous.

Unfortunately "fufufu.net" was already taken, so we settled with the next best option: fufufuu.net.

What happens if fufufuu.net dies?

In the event fufufuu.net goes away for any reason, I will make available the source code for fufufuu.net and provide a copy of the database and all images files to whomever is willing to host fufufuu.net.

Unless a horrific accidents happens to me (ParadigmShift), I can be contacted via [email protected] or on [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.